May 12th, 2003



I don't have much of anything to say right now, really, but I have eight minutes to say it in. Eight minutes! Can't let the time go to waste.

I need to let more time go to waste. Or at least, feel less ... guilty, for lack of a better word, for wasting time. I know that I have to go to work for roughly forty hours a week. And I have to write 9500 words on Prophecy this month. But I don't have to do anything else. All the rest should be optional. Stuff I do for fun. If I work on "Silver Scales", or start some other story, if I spruce some old artwork or write emails from the new campaign, if I finish reading a book, or remember what the name of that effect where the propellers on a plane start to look they've stopped after reaching a certain speed, then look like they're spinning the other way is -- it's all "free time" stuff. I should enjoy it. I'm sure not getting paid for it. :)

And if I don't enjoy it, I ought to feel just fine about doing something else.


I really should add "doing some cleaning now and then" to that list of obligatory things. Oh, and grocery shopping and so forth. Still. There's not that much I must do. Most of it's just icing.