May 26th, 2003


No, Please, I'll Do Anything But Write ...

In my perennial quest to put off working on my novel (though I did write 543 words today on it anyway, nyah. 4000 more words this month and then I finally get a break. Phew.) I did this sketch of an anthropomorphized okapi, which I'll hide behind a cut tag 'cause she's not wearing any clothing. (Though she's tastefully covered in fur.) I'm not going to say anything about the quality of the sketch except that it looked better before I scanned it in. For one brief shining moment in 2002, the stars were aligned and I had everything on my scanner set just right to do decent scans of pencil drawings. gen, what'm I doing wrong now?

The pose is shamelessly stolen from this painting by Eugene de Blaas (warning, she's also nekkid and has no fur to cover her, either). As for why an okapi, well, it's all ursulav's fault. I was looking through her webpage and she had done this cute pictures of an okapi, and, gosh, the fur pattern is really neat on 'em.
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