May 31st, 2003

Me 2012


This morning, for the first time in a while, I woke up not only remembering a dream, but thinking "This was a vaguely interesting one. I should write it down." It's not a particularly good dream, but it's better than the totally mundane ones I've been having.
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I Need a Vacataion

So I'm taking one.

As of about 1PM this afternoon, I officially completed my writing quota for the month of May. Per my original writing schedule, I am entitled to a month off every 100,000 words. Well, I got to that point back in April, and, frankly, I'm overdue. I said in April I'd take June off.

I'm taking June off. A whole month of not working on Prophecy!

And, what's more, my vacation from Toddler Bank is set for the last two weeks of June. So not only will I have the whole month off from writing, but I'll have half of it off from my day job, too.


I can hardly imagine it. All that free time! The only "obligation" I'll have for most of the month is to run "Trust Me" games, which are scheduled to start on June 5, and will run every other week or so thereafter. Other than that ... I can do whatever I want.

Whatever am I going to do with myself?

(That's a rhetorical question. Don't answer that.)

I could start writing Silver Scales again. I could draw, or paint, or make that costume I didn't make for ConQuest. I could start playing WarCraft3 again. (How long ago did I give that up?) I could pick up a Sinai campaign I haven't run in months, like Rasheeka. I could start logging in to Sinai just to hang out again. I could see how Puzzlebox is doing. I could spend the whole month waiting for my LJ friends list to get updated and thinking how bored I am. The possibities are virtually limitless!

I'm not going to commit myself to any goals or promise myself that I'm going to do anything. Apart from running some "Trust Me" games, and spending part of my vacation off at amusement parks with Lut, I'm not parceling this time out. I just want to do ... whatever I want. I can hardly remember what it's like not to have goals and deadlines looming over my head.

A whole month.