June 28th, 2003

Me 2012

Too Comfy to ...

What is it with LJ and weekends? I've got 15 entries from yesterday on my list, and 2, count 'em, 2, from today. And the day's half over. What is it with you people? Do you all have lives or something?

I've got another problem. See, I would be typing in my notes from my trip last week, but they're in the other room. Barring that, I could be doing the next writing exercise from Creativity Rules. But that's in the other room, too.

I realize I could solve this problem by getting off my lazy derriere and fetching them.

But to do that, I'd have to disturb the cats first.

The cats are comfortably arranged on top of me, you see. Branl has staked her claim to my upper chest, with her furry spine right under my chin. Ash is curled up atop my stomach. The keyboard is on my legs. All four of us are contented and --

As I'm typing this, Lut says, "Why don't you put some music on?"

I look at him. We always play music on my computer, but I can't swap discs without sitting up. Before I can speak, he glances back at me.

"Ah! I see your problem. Here, let me -- "


Lut seizes both cats and pulls them over to him. "See, now you can put on some music. What? What's the matter? Look, you can have your cats back just as soon as you put on a CD. Everyone's happy."

I sigh, put in "Operation: Mindcrime", and then get up.

"Where are you going?" Lut asks. "You can have your cats back now."

"As long as they're out of my lap I may as well get what I was complaining I wanted."

"You wanted something?"

He'd never even seen what I was typing.

When I got back, he put the cats back in my lap. All four of us are comfortably arranged again.

I guess I could start typing in those trip notes now.