July 1st, 2003

Me 2012

Back to Work


It's July. My vacation is over. I'm back at work during the day, and my quota on Prophecy is back in effect.

I spent last night trying to squeeze in just a few more things before my free time evaporated. Oddly, I've found that "being productive" is habit forming, as I continued to work on other stories, work on the "Just Trust Me" campaign, do a little sketching, do writing exercises, etc. As opposed to, say, playing games during all my free time.

I've been really reluctant to take up any new games, for just this reason. I don't want to be addicted to another game the way I was with EverQuest, or even with JumpGate. I don't want to devote thirty or forty hours a week to playing computer games. I'd rather have something to show for my time when I'm done. I like playing those semi-mindless games, but I'd rather have something to show for my time. Even if it's just entries in my LJ. Of which I had quite a lot last week, I note. You may not have noticed that I was gone from the 16th-20th, but I'll bet you can tell that I'm back at work, and not at home any more.

I wrote this during lunch. Now to see if LJ will let me post it now ....