July 7th, 2003


Lunch hour rambling

I made note of some writing exercises I could do at lunch today, but I don't really feel like doing them.

I've got about ten minutes left to my lunch. I'm getting to rather dislike this imposed half-hour-minimum for lunch. Barring that, I'd just clock in. Instead, I'm sitting here rambling.

The board reports are all but complete. I need one loan officer to get back to me with comments on three loans, and I'm done. Phew. That wasn't too bad, all things considered. I know I spent less than thirty hours on it, total. At a minimum, I'm already at least as fast as the previous fellow was at it, and I suspect I'm actually faster. And I'll get better at it with practice and a chance to refine the reports.

Lut and I need to go to the store tonight. We're running low on staples (read: Diet Coke). After that, I'm not sure what I'll do. I need to do starters for the Just Trust Me sessions on Thursday. I need to work on this week's Prophecy quota (I made last week's. I should send GW the snippet I completed. First one in over a month. I bet he'd be surprised, except that he'll see this entry first). I don't have to do either of these things tonight, but it'd probably be a good idea to do something.

Lut may want to rent a movie. He's been talking about renting one lately. We went to see "Terminator 3" on Saturday morning. Wasn't as good as T2, but I enjoyed it. Lut was taliking about the first Terminator afterwards, and I said I didn't remember it well. He suggested we rent it. "But I didn't like it," I told him. He was shocked.

I don't like suspense movies, or horror, though, and the original "Terminator" was both. I liked T2 and, to a lesser extent, T3, but they're both action films. I didn't like "Alien", either. Ironically, I've seen three out of the four "Alien" movies, and I didn't particularly like any of them. You'd think I'd've learned.