August 2nd, 2003

Me 2012

LiveJournal Killed My Cablemodem

Lut and I have been having trouble with our cablemodem connection for the last couple of weeks. Lut keeps returning cablemodems and picking up a new one, because the trouble seems to be related to the actual modem: unplugging it and then plugging it back in again will restore the connection.

Last night, we got our third new cablemodem, and it had already conked out at least once yesterday evening.

This morning, I'm trying to post an entry to UnfinishedTales, and the cablemodem keeps conking out right when I'm trying to post it. I unplug the cablemodem, leave it off for a minute, plug it back in, and my connection is restored, I get my entry and all the settings put into the LJ update page again ... and it conks out again.

After about the third or fourth iteration of this, I'm really starting to wonder if this is more than just unfortunate coincidence. I web-browse through a Yahoo forum for a bit. No problems. I get everything ready on the LJ update page to post, but don't hit the post button yet. I go back and browse some more messages. Still no problems. I hit post on the update page.

I lose Internet connection for the next several minutes.


I do this a few more times. This appears to be a consistent problem.

I go off to the LJ downloads page, am briefly mystified by the lack of links to actual, you know, downloads, and finally grab Semagic off of its homepage. I install it, fire it up, put my entry in there .... and it posts. And my Internet connection remains stable.

And now I'm wondering: Lut only has this trouble with the cablemodem in the evenings. When I'm home. And web-browsing. Usually on LiveJournal.

Now, I know this can't be connected to posting entries, because I put most of my journal updates in during the day, from work. But I do leave quite a few comments in other people's journals during the evening, and sometimes they do take an awfully long time to send, or don't get sent at all ....



So I ask those of you more technically-inclined than myself (that would be: all of you) -- does this make any sense to you? Is it possible that LJ is flooding my connection whenever I post something through one of its webpages? Semagic is working fine -- so far.
Me 2012

The entry that killed the Internet

I've done some more testing.

It's not using LJ's webpage to post an entry that kills my connection. It's using LJ's webpage to post this one particular entry that does it. Everytime. Takes out Lut's connection, too. Something about LJ just hates this particular combination of characters. And it's not length, because I've posted longer entries. I can post any given part of the entry -- but not the entire thing at once. It's got some html code in it, but I can post all of the entry that contains the coded bits. This is so weird.

I would present it via Semagic, but now even Semagic can't manage it. O.o It's the Evil Entry of Doom, I tell ya! Beware!