August 14th, 2003

Me 2012


Wow, I haven't gotten any non-list email all day. I must be too quiet. I sent a couple of short Prophecy snippets that I completed back in May off to Greywolf, so he'll have something to email me back about.

I'm almost interested in writing again. Working on fiction or something. Possibly even Prophecy, though that appears to be pushing it past the breaking point. I've opened various files, looking for completed bits I could send to the wuf that I hadn't already. Found more incomplete ones than completed. My outline is full of that.

My outline has been revamped and condensed to 173 chapters (my chapters are short, mostly under 1000 words) and each one described in a few words as to what happens in it. I took to placing "incomplete" or "unwritten" next to each chapter that hasn't been finished yet. Sometimes I'll cover less ground than planned in a chapter, and have to add another chapter title in to cover the stuff I didn't get into it after all.

Right now, the first 78 chapters are actually written, though they're not quite coherent and consistent with each other yet. Actually, most of the first half is complete, but the second half is only maybe 1/4 done, it feels like. It's littered with "incomplete" and "unwritten".

I guess I really shouldn't think of it as *that* bad. There are 16 incomplete and 26 unwritten chapters to go, in the whole thing. I just finished tallying them. It's on this basis that, back in May, I concluded that my year-end deadline was still more-or-less right, or at least, as close to right as I was going to get. It still is, surprisingly, pretty close.

I've considered moving from my "complete a certain number of words per month" model to "complete a certain number of chapters". Seeing as I've got them counted out and all. I have to finish about two chapters a week from now until the end of the year to make it.

There's something more satisfying about finishing a chapter than finishing a certain number of words. I can use any number of words to tell the same story, but there's only so much plot I need to explicate. Once I've gotten a bit of plot out, it's done. I don't need to go back and do more of it. But there's always need for more words.

Still, I'm afraid to change a formula that's worked this long. Besides, I'd probably wind up postponing writing the really long convoluted chapters until the end. And I'm betting some things that only occupy one chapter slot right now are going to get expanded into two or three later.

Well, enough writing about writing for now. I think I'll go try to finish a chapter or two tonight.