August 15th, 2003

Me 2012

Good mood

I'm cheerful today. I don't know exactly what's got me in a good mood, but everything just seems right today. I set to this morning as soon as I got in, and I've wrapped up my usual daily work already, which leaves me the remainder of the afternoon to wrestle with thornier problems. But I'm not worried or intimidated by them today.

No, it's Friday, I got some writing on Prophecy done last night, and I'll get some more done this weekend, and all will be well with the world.

I've been re-reading bits from Silver Scales. I was about to write "to psyche myself up to write more" but that's not true. I've been re-reading them because I enjoy them so much. Of all the thousands of pages of stuff -- fiction, non-fiction, journals, RP, novels, short stories, you name it -- I've ever written, I think I like Scales the most. Maybe it's not the "best" thing I've written, on literary grounds or whatever, but I enjoy it. Maybe part of the reason that I'm reluctant to write more is that I don't want to see that promise fall short. I'm afraid that the future bits just won't be as good -- as funny, as entertaining -- as what's already gone.

But that's OK, too. I may go ahead and write something more -- today, or this weekend. Time will tell if it's up to snuff or not. :)