August 17th, 2003

Me 2012

Guess I'd Better Write Something

I finally caught up on the pro-evolution forum I've been lurking on for the past couple of months.

There are, goodness knows, plenty of other things I could be reading, both on the web and off. I've even got a couple of books kicking around the house that I haven't read yet.

But inertia has seized me its in teeth. Start something new? Oh ... uh ... I dunno.

Instead, I could write something. I already write frequently anyway. Hence, this entry. Now, if only I had much of anything to say.

The battery in Lut's car is kaput. Not just dead; it died Friday, we jump-started it yesterday and ran it for twenty minutes or so, and this afternoon it's dead again. So Lut's fixing himself something to eat now, then we'll take the battery charger down (he has this plug-in battery pack that you can charge at an outlet and use to jump-start your car; normally we keep it in the car, but we had it up here recharging after using it yetterday) and jump-start it again. Then we'll go get groceries and a new car battery. Annoying, but at least a new battery is cheaper than a new car.

I woke at 4 or 5AM from an interesting dream, tried to motivate myself to write it down, failed, went back to sleep. When I woke up again a few hours later, all I could rememeber was that I wanted to remember it. Whoops.

When we were driving around yesterday to try to get the car battery to charge, we prowled around a nice neighborhood not far from here. Pretty houses surrounded by smallish yards and little stone fences.

Lut's now told me that he forgot to plug the battery pack in when he brought it up yesterday. So it'll be another couple of hours before it's charged. I think I'll try taking a nap again. For some reason, I'm awfully tired today.