September 5th, 2003

Me 2012

Weak week

I can't decide if it's been a long week or a short one. I'm glad the work week's almost over. I need to do some more writing tonight, and this weekend.

I haven't done all that much creative this week, except sketch Sythyry. I posted one new piece from Silver Scales, and I've written a few nibble-sized bits of Prophecy. Apart from that, nothing since Sunday.

I guess I should get moving, but after the end-of-month crunch at home, and now the beginning-of-the-month crunch at work, I haven't had much energy to spare for other things. Not even for updating my journal.

I haven't decided if I like the new look for LJ or not. It certainlt doesn't seem to have improved my connectivity any; I keep getting errors and having to retry. Sigh.

I'm trying to remember just what it is that I did all week, now. Labor Day -- wait, I already wrote about Labor Day, so I could just check my notes for that. Tuesday Lut and I watched the anime version of "Metropolis", which I didn't like at all, really, but which did give me a bit of inspiration for a story. Don't know if I'll bother writing it out, though. Wednesday I did some more Sythyry sketches, which were featured in this entry from Sythyry's journal. (Yay!) Last night I did an unimpressive sketch of a character concept Brennabat wrote me about. I spent most of the evening trying to stop stressing out over work, and over the things I haven't been doing at home. I didn't actually succeed at that later until I gave Level_Head a call, but that did the trick. (For which I say: Yay! again.)

And now it's halfway through Friday, and work is starting to get to me again. Guess I'd better get to it, first: my lunch break is over. At least I've only a few more hours to go. But look -- I've finally got a paragraph that doesn't start with "I". Of course, it starts with a conjuntion instead, which is not technically correct. Oh well. If it had to be well-written, it wouldn't be a journal.