September 15th, 2003

Me 2012

JTM & Writing

It's funny how much more eager I am to write when I'm, oh, supposed to be doing my job. Now that I'm on my lunch break, suddenly, writing just doesn't look so appealling.

The "Just Trust Me" sessions last night went quite well. Most of the participants ended up in one place, and that log kept going on its own momentum, by and large. In fact, it rolled along so quickly that I found myself missing details and having to go back and inform people of corrections. Whoops. :/ But despite that, there seemed to be a pretty good mix between folks keeping each other entertained, and the discovery of various bits of information which may, or may not, prove useful to them. But, as Gen put it in her journal -- I can't really talk too much about it. At least not without closing this entry to the players. ;)

Tonight, I'll need to get some writing done on Prophecy. With the JTM preparations going on, I haven't done any serious work on the book since last Wednesday -- which means I'm falling pretty sharply behind. (Rats). I am verging on the dreaded "must write 500 words per day until month-end to make quota", which I hate. Doing 500 words a day isn't all that hard, but it's still effort, and I don't like stringing together one day of grind after another. Ah well. Here I go again! Didn't I say somewhere I'd talk about this less? Maybe I didn't. Hardly seems like me to promise not to complain.

I'll get back to work now.