September 30th, 2003


Writing about Writing, Because I Know You Care

I've been plugging dutifully away at "Prophecy" for the last two weeks, struggling mightily to get back on track after a slow start to the month. At last, I've done it! I'm ahead of quota!

To be exact, I'm at quota for the month of September, as of last night. So I'll be ahead of the game for a whole *day*.

Well, all right, it ain't much, but I'll take it. :) Tonight I'll probably look over my notes for JTM and get clear on what I'm doing for the next session. Oh, and I still have to make sure we're on for Thursday. I don't think I've heard from gen or telnar yet.

In unrelated news: at last, we've brought brennabat fully into the fold -- she's got her first journal post! Yay, Brenna! :)
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