October 4th, 2003

Me 2012

Dream: The Visigoths

I was in a mock-up of an Italian city. It's a sort of theme park, like Epcot Center. The theme of this park is that it gets attacked every "night" by Visigoths. I think the whole place is enclosed, with an artificial sky so that they can make day/night cycle faster, so that "night" falls every couple of hours.

The first time the city gets attacked, I'm in the north part of the city, and it gets attacked in the south, so I'm not in a position to get involved in what's going on. While the Visigoths are battering down the main gate, I see a couple of them leap over the balustrade and onto the balcony near it. They remind me of the skeletal pirates in "Pirates of the Caribbean", though they're not as grotesque, or as skeletal. They sieze a girl who'd been standing on the balcony watching.

At the next dusk, I've been wandering through the south part of the city, exploring. I'm on the balcony overlooking the main gate when it starts to buckle. I fall onto my rear, and after a moment of worry, I realize this is part of the entertainment. The battering of the ram against the main gate makes the metal balcony rise and fall. Whee I think. I get to my feet and grab the buckling rail to get a better look.

At that moment, as the balcony dips low, two Visigoths come leaping over the balustrade at me. I realize that I really should have seen this coming. I back away, then start to run. I'm not sure what the Visigoths do to the tourists they capture; I'm certain it's nothing bad, but I think that it'll be more fun to elude them. I'm running along the balcony inside the city, now, and it overlooks the gardens and fountains of the city below. The city is small and lovely, what you'd expect of a theme park.

One of the Visigoths grabs my wrist. He has a grip of steel -- literally. My suspicion that they're mechanical is confirmed. I swing my arm forward as I pelt towards the rail, carrying him up and over it. He clings to my wrist for a moment, but I shake my arm and he lets go, falling with a splash into an artificial lake below. All this time, I'm yelling a warning to everyone: "The Visigoths are here!"

I keep running for the far side of the city, which borders the sea. When I get to the sea wal, I look back. The other Visigoth is still chasing me. I jump over the wall and into the ocean.

Even as I'm doing this, I feel a bit silly, because I'm sure that jumping into the ocean has to be a lot more dangerous than the Visigoths, who are part of the attraction. But it's too late now. I kick off my shoes after I sink into the water, and kick for the surface. I swim back to the city, looking for a safe place to re-enter.

I get back in eventually. I board a sort of giant monorail that runs between the north and south parts. Lots of people are sitting in their places, placidly awaiting whatever comes next. I warn them, but they're not worred about it -- of course, we're all tourists. I'm walking northwards through the cars; I want to be able to get off first.

I make it to the last car. The rail cars are strange; this one has a large empty space in the middle, and the benches for seating people rise in tiers at the rear. The exit aisle is off to one side. I'm heading for the exit aisle when the special effects start.

Strobing, sweeping beams of light shoot out from near the floor at the center of the car. Bits of things, like clumps of earth, come flying towards that spot, building up an image. It's like watching an explosion in reverse. At first I can't tell what's being created, then it's done. It's the figure of a man. He starts issuing commands, probably something like "Surrender!" I'm sure he must be one of the Visigoth captains. I don't stay to hear what he has to say. I run for the exit.

At this point, I can't remember the ensuing chronology. I think that the reverse-explosion happened again in another spot, further north. I got the idea that the Visigoths were after me, specifically, and that this wasn't just part of the entertainment -- they wanted me for some nefarious purpose. I became even more determined to escape them. I think there may have been a third repetition of the "night falls/invasion starts" sequence.

Oh, and I bought a cannoli with chocolate filling at a kiosk. I woke up before I could eat it and find out if it was any good, though.
Me 2012


I've been reading through the archives of Bruno off and on lately. I have to force myself to stop now and again, because once I get started it's easy to read a whole year's worth or more. Eventually I'll catch up to the present and add it to my daily reading, I expect. It's fun; it has all these anarcho drifter characters talking philosophy and working 7-11 jobs in between cross-country tours. The author throws in a lot of "amazing coincidences" but there's an underlying believability to it. A couple of lines just struck me:

Lenny: Why are we so hard on ourselves?
Bruno: ... Because life is too easy?

Yeah, that seems about right.