October 8th, 2003


Writing about Writing: A Doll's Life

I finished writing "A Doll's Life" late last night.

The story, as written, runs about 10,200 words, which is shockingly close to my original estimate of 10k.

It's longer than it needs to be; there's a whole section of people playing an RPG which amused me, but which has almost no impact on the story, and could be easily glossed over, to name just one example.
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Me 2012

Babylon 5

"Good ol' Psi Corps. You never cease to amaze me - all the moral fiber of Jack the Ripper. What do you do in your spare time, juggle babies over a fire pit? 'Oops, there goes another calculated risk!'" -- Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5.

We watched some more B5 tonight. That was definitely our favorite line for the evening. Ah, the power of a choice metephor. We just finished episode seven (the quote is from episode six, "Mind War".) The episodes of season one are pretty "episodic". Threads recur, and you can see, especially much later on, how early events lead to later ones. But there's also a lot of stuff that doesn't much matter from episode to episode, stuff that'll happen once and never get mentioned again. I think almost everything that happened in "Infection" was irrelevant to later events, which strikes me as just as well; it's a very forgettable episode.

It's easy for me to poke holes in things. This bit is silly, or that bit cliche, or the acting here is bad. But despite that, I'm still enjoying it a lot. B5, like a lot of shows, is incredible not so much for doing everything right, but rather for getting doing certain things that no show had ever done before, at all.

I'm trying to psyche myself up for another half hour of writing Prophecy, which, honestly, is not too much to ask of myself. I get home at around 4:30 and seldom go to bed before 10. Out of 330 minutes, I can spare 30 for my book.

Guess I'll get to it.