October 9th, 2003


Too tired to write?

Evidently not.

Too tired to start a new story, though, or work on an old one. And I spent too much of my lunch break reading my friends list; I only have seven or eight minutes left. Blame it on Preser Scott and his link to the Onion Dome. (I know, I know, I didn't have to follow it, yes I'm a good-responsible-for-my-own-actions-Libertarian, it's a joke, OK? I'm kidding.)

I have been awfully tired today. I forgot to take a vitamin this morning. I didn't sleep very well, either.

We got a notice about our lease expiring on December 1. Guess we'd better decide where we're going soon. We don't actually have a lease now; we haven't signed one for years. But it is the anniversary of our lease expiring. Wouldn't help us to point out that we don't have a lease now, anyway. Though what are they going to do, evict us? The apartment complex that took four months to hook our AC/heat to an on-off switch and tell us "That's the best we can do"? Somehow I can't imagine them being much swifter about getting rid of us as long as we paid 'em, well, something.

I did another half hour of writing last night, got around 350 words done. I sense a downward trend on this method. Well, we'll see.

Telling myself that I can count "chapters completed" and not just words doesn't seem to have made any difference in the way I write, so far. I think a big part of it is that I really don't think that I can get 20 points done in a month anyway, so I haven't really tried to match it. And it's a bit more inconvenient to count points. I think I've scored 2 so far this month, but I'm not sure. The trouble is, I'll finish a chapter without covering all the plot points, so I'll need to insert another chapter into the outline. So I don't get a point for "finishing" that, and I don't get a point for "starting" the new one, because my total chapters-remaining count hasn't changed any.

Well. March isn't so far away, anyhow.