October 11th, 2003

Me 2012

General update

Haven't done a whole lot today, not even the hour of writing I told myself I'd do. I will spend a half hour on "Prophecy" later tonight, probably after I finish this entry. Funny how hard it is to get even 30 minutes of writing out of myself. I sit here and stare at the computer and think of excuses not to do it. Oh, and I took Thursday off but put in my 30 minutes on Friday, and got out over 500 words. So the half-hour thing appears to be working well, over all.

Level Head sent me a terribly amusing set of lyrics by way of encouragment to me and my writing, set to the tune of Les Miserbles' "Do you hear the people sing?" I doubt it would entertain others as much as it did me (seeing as it's all about me, not you) but it made me smile so much my face hurt.

strangess phoned me earlier, and she kept me company for almost two hours while I cleaned the cats' bathroom. (yay!) It's almost a bit pointless to clean the cats' bathroom; they'll just make a mess of it again. But it'll make changing the litter and putting down fresh cat food a bit more pleasant for a little while, at least.

Lut and I went ouf for breakfast at IHOP, and had a fun detour around the city; we keep forgetting that one of the major highways is undergoing major conttruction, so we keep getting on it, approach the construction area go "ack!" and hop off at the exit immediately before it, then spend thirty minutes trying to figure out how else we can get where we're going. Oh well. Maybe now that I've written this down, I'll remember it better. I took a nap when we got home, and later we watched another three episodes of B5.

Friday, I started work on the outline of a new short story. Writing and completing "A Doll's Life" with an outline in place was so easy that I figured I'd try it again. I haven't gotten the outline to a satisfactory stage yet, however, so I haven't started writing it yet.