October 18th, 2003

Me 2012

OK, Slack Time's Over, Back to Work

I'm doing well this morning. Just a tiny bit of dizziness and a little pain. I think I'll take one of the pain pills anyway, though I'm not sure I need it. Hurt more when I woke up and was lying on my cheek.

My cheeks are still on the puffy side (oh, that's right, I was going to heat the gelpack) and my mouth still doesn't work quite normally, but this is all merely "inconvenient" rather than "disabling". Time to get back to work. Back to Prophecy, anyway. My day job will wait until Monday.

This is probably the most dangerous point in another respect, though. Now that I'm feeling better, it'll be harder to remember to take my assorted medications. And I've got two and a half days of antibiotics left, plus another 5 days of prescribed saline mouthwash, plus at least that much left to the prescription mouthwash. Oh, and four days of anti-inflammatory. How could I forget the anti-inflammatory? (I wish I could forget the anti-inflammatory. I encapsulated it in yogurt and still didn't swallow it quite fast enough this morning. Yeugh.)

Anyway, gotta keep remembering to take it all, whether I feel sick or not.
Me 2012

Sick and writing

The trouble with thinking that I'm better after I've been sick is that my baseline isn't so good any more. I wake up in the morning and I'm not dizzy or exhausted so I figure "Hey, this must be normal".
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