October 23rd, 2003

Me 2012

Not Quite All Better

I went to sleep around 11PM last night, after an unremarkable day. I really didn't do much of anything yesterday. Glinda had brought in a ton of food for the October "birthdays" celebration, and I ate a lot, went home a bit early, watched three episodes of B5 with Lut, did a little reading, and went to bed. I got no writing done to speak of done, which is starting to irk at me. I'll do some work on Prophecy tonight. Maybe not a whole lot, but a bit, at least. I've made some more notes for the "Tachtli" story, but haven't started on it, either.

Anyway, this morning, at about 8:30, I ran out of energy. I don't know what happened. I'd been a bit tired when I woke up, but while at work I went from "tired" to "utterly falling-down exhausted". I could barely stay awake. I didn't even want to take the bus home because I was afraid I'd collapse on the sidewalk. I called Lut and he picked me up to take me home on his lunch hour, at noon.

I managed to get most of my work done while at work. Just before leaving the house, I'd taken a couple of acetaminophen, and for a while, I thought perhaps I'd taken the "Acetaminophen PM" that we've got, and that was what was knocking me out. I told one of my co-workers, "I'm not sure if I should I hope that I was dumb enough to inadvertantly dope myself on the wrong drug, or that I took the correct one, in which case I have no idea what's wrong with me."

Well, I took the regular kind, so I have no idea what was wrong with me. You know, apart from the four sutured holes in my mouth, anyway. You'd think I'd be over that by now. *sigh*

(And no, there's no reason why acetaminophen should knock me out. The Vicodin-clone drug I've been taking all this time has acetaminophen in it. Acetaminophen has never made me sleepy before.)

'nother weekend almost here. Maybe I can recover during it.

And now, I should start working on Prophecy before it gets any later and I put it off for another day.