October 25th, 2003

Me 2012


Today, I slept.

I was supposed to go looking for an apartment. i was supposed to do writing. I was supposed to get groceries. I even wanted to go out to eat at some point. But instead, I slept.

I staggered out of bed at several points -- 5AM, 9:30AM, 2PM -- but staggered back to bed an hour or two later each time.

Oh, and I broke the arm of the loveseat I use in front of the computer, too. I have no idea how to fix it, either. It's loose now, but still attached. Some but not all of the bolts that hold it to the frame must have broken or pulled free. Maybe I'll call La-Z-Boy tomorrow and find out if they're willing to send someone to fix it, for a fee. Heck, maybe it's still under warranty. *checks the site*. Yup, lifetime warranty on all wood frame parts. I just hope they do in-house service. The loveseat comes apart and is fairly light and easy to move, but we'd still need a pick-up truck to transport it back to the store. And if they'd need to keep it for a while to fix it ... well. We don't have anything else to sit in front of the computers in. My old chair is in storage but I think Lut threw his away. Bleah.

At least I'm feeling awake now. Guess I'd better start doing some of that writing now.