October 31st, 2003


The Great Loveseat Adventure, Part II

["Part I" isn't really connected to this entry in any close way; when I bought this loveseat in 2002, I called the entry "The Great Loveseat Adventure"]

I spent altogether too much time this morning trying to find something I'd once written.

See, yesterday I had a Furniture Adventure, and I was figuring I'd write it up. But it struck me as not nearly as good an adventure as the Great Armoire Adventure, from when I mail-ordered a big cabinet for Lut. I think I must've done that back in 2000 or possibly even 1999, as I couldn't find a record of it anywhere on either OpenDiary or LiveJournal. I think I wrote it down and perhaps emailed it to some friends. Hey, jordangreywolf, tuftears, brennabat, any of you remember me telling the story of acquiring a cabinet/wardrobe?
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