November 18th, 2003

Me 2012

All Over But the Funeral

Just one more thing ...

The septic tank inspection was scheduled for today. As of 10AM, the sellers still hadn't signed the amendment to the contract and sent it back to me. At 10:30AM, I called Amy to tell them I wanted it in hand by 1PM or I was canceling the septic inspection.

At 11AM, she called back to tell me that the sellers had been stalling because, they claimed, the exterminator wouldn't bill to closing. Amy called the exterminator he said, no, billing to the closing was fine, he just wouldn't do the work until 48 hours before closing. (Can't say I blame him.) No big deal; the closing was still on for 11/25, so he could do the job Friday and we'd be set. Sellers' agent promised to get us a signed contract by 1PM.

At 11:15AM, Amy called to say that she'd gotten the title work back. Lady Anne had it in one: the city is putting in sewer lines next year, meaning there's a $4,750.00 tax assessment hitting the property, spread out over the next 15 years. $315 a year.

I told Amy to ask the sellers about dropping the price. I cancelled the septic tank inspection; even if I am buying the property, the tank will probably last until the sewer arrives.

At 11:45AM, I emailed Amy with specifics: I want $4,000 off the purchase price or I'm walking, and I want to hear from them by the end of the day or there's no chance of closing this month.

I don't think the sellers will do it. Maybe they will; the house has been on the market 71 days and the sellers said they're pretty desperate. I can still close on 11/25 -- but you can be certain no one else can. We've moved heaven and earth for these folks to try to get everything done in time. My demands have been pretty modest to date. This one's not modest. But I'm tired of having my chain jerked. I'm jerking back.

And probably looking for a new house tomorrow.


I wish I hadn't liked this one so much.