November 20th, 2003

Me 2012


One of the things I've budgeted for in this move is "someone else will pack all of my stuff and move it to the new location". I may or may not have budgeted enough for this purpose. I'm still trying to figure that one out.

Lut has been trying to use the Internet to get in touch with a mover for a week or so now. He's filled out several online forms listing what we have and what we want done and when we want it done. All of the websites promised "someone will get back to you!"

Well, no one has. Yesterday, a fellow from the first website he filled out a form on finally called -- to tell us that he just worked for the website, but a real mover would be calling us that evening. The evening came and the evening went, and no one ever called.

Yesterday, I got the phone number for a company my boss had used when moving off the web, and called them myself. I was told that the person I needed to speak with wasn't available -- but she'd call me back. She didn't call back, either.

Today, I gave in and dug through the yellow pages, calling one company at random, and trying my boss's movers again. Neither of them were willing to give me a quote over the phone, and neither of them do visits after business hours or on weekends. So I've got an appointment scheduled with the random one for tomorrow at 3:00PM, and the other for 9:00AM on Monday, which means I'll have to leave work early tomorrow and go in late on Monday.

But, on the bright side, both companies confirmed they could move me in my alloted time frame (phew!) and the latter said that next Wednesday -- the day after I'm to close on the house -- would work. In retrospect, I may not want to do it that day. It means taking off from work, and I think I lose my holiday pay if I take the day before or after a holiday off. And now is not a good time for me to be losing hours.

I think I'll try to schedule it for Friday. I don't know if movers will be willing to work over Thanksgiving weekend or not. If I have a choice between "next Wednesday" or "the following Monday" I'd rather sacrifice the hours and get it done now. That'll give us the holiday weekend to unpack in, too. I'm not paying for unpacking -- unpacking does annoy me, but it is not the "argh I hate hate hate this" aggravation that packing is.