November 26th, 2003

Me 2012

Here I go

In 30-60 minutes, movers will be here to do the rest of the packing (distressingly lots of it left to do, despite having packed some 50-odd boxes already).

Here's the deal on Internet access:

Between 1-5PM, the cable guy is supposed to show up at the new house. I may or may not be there to meet them. Lut may or may not be there. All depends on how long it takes the movers to pack & move out of here. The ETA on that was 4 hours starting between 8 and 8:30 -- but that was when I had a freight elevator and a loading dock. And without them packing.

I'm betting on it taking at least an additional two hours with packing and using the passenger elevator. So I will probably get to the house between 3:00 and 4:00.--

Wait! This just in!

I went down with Lut so I could get the gate card from him after he left the parking lot. Wanda, the building manager, was coming inside, so I told her the freight elevator was dead. After Lut drove off and I was walking back with the gate card, I saw the fellow who hauls the trash throwing stuff into the dumpster from the loading dock. Now, the trash is hauled via the freight elevator, so I thought: Maybe it's working?

I asked him about it, and he had no idea it wasn't working. I tell him the story -- it's stuck on the fifth floor, and the door won't open. (You can see it's there through a window in the floor door.) He and I ride up to the fifth floor in the passenger elevator, and I follow him out when he goes to take a look at it. He tries the door. Won't open. He shakes his head in disbelief, tries the door another couple of times, yanking hard -- same as I did last night.

Suddenly, the elevator gives a jerk, shifts in position, then the car rides up to one of the higher floors. Um, okay, well, this is promising, at least, as that's more than it would do last night. We push the call button, it comes back to the 5th floor after stopping on at least the 6th and the 8th. We ride it down to the first floor. It stops on every floor -- but it does get to the first. I ride it back up to the eighth.

It works!

This means my move is back on track -- Mr. McCormick already told me that the packing, moving and unloading could get done in one day, and now I have every reason to believe that's true.


Anyway, about the cable modem.

The house does not appear to be cable-ready. I don't know if Roadrunner realizes this or not. I didn't until we walked through last night.

I got movers here now, so there's no time for the full long story. Here's the short:
I may have Internet access tonight, or I may not. If I don't, I'll have it on Friday from work, if nothing else. So if you don't hear from me tonight or tomorrow, it's probably bad news, though just how bad may vary. Worst case: we might be stuck getting DSL or ... (lord I hope not) dial-up. Or maybe I'll have to shell out big bucks to make the place cable ready. Here's hoping it's not too pricey!

Wish me luck -- I'm outta here.