November 28th, 2003



My gamble on scheduling the cable did not work out. Lut's boss, for inscrutable reasons of his own, wouldn't let Lut go home early (despite exceedingly low call volumes) and the technician showed up 10 minutes before I arrived with the movers. We've rescheduled for Tuesday between 5-7PM, so we have another five whole days without Internet access to get through. (I don't plan to get a land line for phone service, so we can't use dial up).

On the bright side, the cable company says that (a) four previous tenants at this address had cable, so it must be possible to get it, even if we can't tell where they got it before. Plus, they said there's no charge for having it put in whatever room we want it. So we should be all right come Tuesday.

I'll do a longer update at lunch, but for now, I'd better get to work.