December 8th, 2003

Me 2012

The rest of my weekend

Ranking a close second to the party was getting koogrr's phone number from him, and spending a couple of hours Friday night on the phone with him. I'm starting to quite enjoy not having to pay for long distance. :) We spent most of the time talking about a cool new project Koogrr's been working, while I wandered around looking for things to unpack in my house, and places to put them once I'd unpacked them. I wound up in my basement, and complained about the sump pump while I was down there. Since I'd brought it up, Koogrr explained how the things worked and I took a closer look at mine. Between the two of us, we figured there was a good chance that the problem was the float, not the pump itself, and I was pleased to have a better grasp on what was going on, and why the well the pump was in would keep filling up again moments after it had been pumped out completely.
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