December 17th, 2003


Roofing it

I emailed my agent Tuesday to ask her about getting the roofer out while the roof is clear, and didn't hear back from her. I was half-tempted to call the number for the handyman I've got and have him do it, but (a) I didn't want us both scheduling someone again and (b) her roofer has a leg up on anyone I could call, since he's already been out to look at the roof and give an estimate. So I called Amy's office today and the receptionist said she was out.

"Was she out yesterday?"

"Yes, she has the flu, poor thing."

Well, that explains why she didn't return my email. I asked the receptionist to try to get in touch with her and get the name & number for the roofer. I don't mind scheduling the appointment myself. The only reason for sticking Amy with the task is if I'm going to relax and not worry about it since she's taking care of it, and since I'm obviously not going to do that ....

Amy called me back a few minutes ago, and said the roofer will drop off his invoice at her office on Friday, and come out Saturday around 10AM to do the work. Afterwards, I'm to call Amy and let her know it's all fixed and she can pay him.

Weather forecast is clear and mostly above freezing from now until next Sunday. So the odds that I will actually have my roof fixed and can stop worrying about it look quite good. Still, I'd better wait until Saturday to celebrate that victory.

Oh, and with the weather being dry, getting the fill dirt done won't be a problem and hopefully my basement will have dried out enough that I can take a stab at re-sealing it. Wish me luck! I'm sure I'll need it. :)