Rowyn (rowyn) wrote,

Peace & Joy, page 9

This is probably the page where I checked my email, because I had to get up and go to the computer to Google for a picture of aphids. Yes, that's more-or-less what an aphid looks like. One species of aphid, anyway. For all I know, it's a special breed of aphid that only eats Columbian coffee-plant leaves, and the tree-killing type of aphid looks totally different. You didn't expect a 24-hour comic to have good research, did you?

In other news: I don't know how real comic-book artists fit 6 panels into a page. My typical page had 4. Maybe if I'd used full-size layout sheets it'd've been feasible to squeeze in more. I was working on 8.5 x 11 inch sheets because I'm sick of stitching larger images together from multiple scans. The only think I like about the smaller sheets is that they're easy to scan, though. I like to work BIG! I would so love to have a giant scanner, but anything larger than 8.5x11" is prohibitively expensive, and it's not as though I can justify the purchase with my generally low output of art.
Tags: peace and joy
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