March 25th, 2004

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Favorite Creations

I was thinking of asking one particular friend this question, then I decided it might be fun to pose it to everyone.

Many of my friends are creative sorts in the "traditional" fashion: artists, cartoonists, writers. But creativity takes many forms, whether painting a portrait or writing an essay on politics, crafting a short story or role-playing a character, performing in a play or rebuilding an old car. They are all creative endeavors in the purest sense: acts of creation.

I hate asking questions of the "what is your favorite [...]?" format. Myself, I can never pick just one favorite in anything.

But I thought I'd try it like this: "What is one of your favorite creations, and why?" I don't care about genre or medium: whether it's a picture, a story, a comic arc, a journal entry, a computer program, a gizmo, a roleplaying session or arc -- whatever, as long as it's something you've fashioned. (And assembling a model or a car from parts definitelycounts. What is a storyteller but someone assembling words into a new form, anyway? :D )

"Favorite" brings a particular bias to it that interests me. A favorite painting isn't necessarily the one with the most technical merit. Maybe it's the one with particular sentimental value. Maybe you just love the way that one eye came out, and so you ignore the terrible composition and the gradiant-fill background. For whatever reason, it's special to you.

Plus, for me, it's a lot easier to decide "I like this one!" then to figure out which one is "best". It's hard for me to get much perspective on my own work, selecting the best on technical merits would be an iffy proposition.

So, here is my request: pick a genre (I wouldn't advise trying to figure out if you like this miniature better than that RP or this picture or that story -- so it'll be easier to decide on the category first). Then pick one of your favorite creations in that arena and tell me about it -- in comments, or in your own journal, if you'd rather. If it's something you can link to -- an image or a story or whatever -- please do! If it's not feasible to show off the whole thing (an unpublished manuscript, for example), an excerpt would be much appreciated.

And last, because I thought it would be a little unfair to ask this of all of you and not do it myself:

I've picked The Warlock, the Hare, and the Dragon. Better known amongst its small circle of readers as "Silver Scales", this is an unfinished novel that I've been working on sporadically for the last year. It's been shown, as it's written, to a handful of friends. Despite (or perhaps because) having only worked on this only when I've felt like it, not having an outline written out for it, and generally giving myself permission to include whatever bits entertain me -- hackneyed, overused, or otherwise -- I'm remarkably pleased with how it's come out overall. I've gone back to re-read bits of it more often than anything else I've ever written (and I am typically a big fan of my own writing. That is, after all a large part of why I write.)

That said:
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Now it's your turn: tell me about one of your works that you are especially fond of!