June 27th, 2004

Me 2012

The Sellers of the Basement of Doom (take 2)

I put together a letter to send the people who sold me the house. This is an act of the wildest optimism on my part, since I expect they'll just ignore it. And even if I hire a lawyer to file suit, I'd be surprised if I managed to collect more than it'd cost to hire one.

But it's only $0.32 to send a letter, so, what the heck.
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That's how many chapters are left in the rough draft of Prophecy.

I've started on the last one today. It's coming along slowly. I suppose I have three more days to finish it in, so I'm in no rush.

There will be some gaps left in the narrative, even after I finish this chapter. And it's a very rough draft, replete with continuity errors. (I think at one point I have a character show up who actually died a few chapters earlier. I wrote quite a lot out of sequence and a number of events that I hadn't planned on occured.)

Still, this chapter closes the last significant gap. I'm willing to chalk all the rest of it down to "revision process".

Almost there.

What an odd feeling.