August 9th, 2004


California Dreaming

Ran two separate sessions of "A Game of October" this weekend, one on Saturday and one on Sunday. My brain is thinking of the Saturday game as "normal" and the Sunday game as "short", even though both sessions went on for three or three and a half hours. My mind is funny that way.

I have another session scheduled for tonight (this one is also supposed to be "short", and since at least one participant has to leave early, it should be.) Then one on Wednesday. That leaves Tuesday and Thursday to get ready for the trip I'm taking on Friday.

I'm not sure if I've covered my vacation plans in here yet. For anyone who doesn't know:

ltwarhound and I are flying from Emerald City to Las Vegas on Friday night, where we're meeting up with lady_anne, level_head, makovette and openheartsoftly (if we don't scare her off before arrival). And possibly another LJer, though that individual is uncomfirmed the last time I checked.

On Monday night, Lut is flying back to Emerald City, while I go on to the dragon's lair with Level Head and his Lady. Then on Wednesday, oceansedge is flying in with her two children. Very early Saturday morning, I'm flying back to Emerald City. Somewhere in there, I hope to squeeze in a visit with octantis, who lives somewhere in the general vicinity of the Lair. Well, as long as you define "general vicinity" as "within a hundred miles or so". It's still a lot closer than Emerald City is. I mean, I don't even need a tornado to carry me between the two places, though a car would still be required.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing all the folks I've already met again, and to meeting all the new ones. Whee! Four more days. Give or take. :)