November 26th, 2004


A self-involved question

This is for those of you who've read some of my fiction, or roleplayed with me -- which excludes quite a lot of you, I know. Still, a good-sized chunk of the people who read my LJ have either roleplayed with me on SinaiMUCK or read unfinishedtales, so I figure I'll ask here anyway.

Of the various characters I've roleplayed (Sinai, Mirari, Just Trust Me, etc.) or written about in stories, which one* would you particularly like to read more about? Doesn't have to be your favorite character (though favorite is fine); it could be one that you're curious about, or think has an interesting history -- or future. Or whatever. For bonus points, let me know why. :)

* Please don't agonize over choosing the one you'd like most to see. I know I always have trouble picking absolutes like "favorite" and "most". Any character that comes to mind as "I'd like to see again" works for me. :) And feel free to pick more than one if you like.