January 17th, 2005

Me 2012

More Art from 2004

This is the other piece that I couldn't show off until recently. Last year, oceansedge commissioned me to do a Christmas gift for her sweetie, james_b. She asked that no one else see the finished product until she had given him the original, but after that she didn't mind. So I can display it now.

I don't usually do commissions, for a variety of reasons, some of which are that:
  1. I'm not that good, so not many people are interested in paying me to do art.

  2. Because I'm not that good, I work very slowly. A finished digital piece, like the kind I did for Lady Anne and Level Head, takes me 20-30+ hours to do. If I charged a reasonable amount based on the quality of my work, the money wouldn't justify time I'd put into it.

  3. I have a limited range of subjects that I'm good at drawing, and if someone wanted me to go outside that range, I'd do an even worse than usual job of it.

However, in the same email where Ocean's Edge asked if I did commissions, she also specified what she wanted done.
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