April 3rd, 2005

Me 2012

Sin City

A short, spoiler-free version:

The film is eeriely authentic to the story arcs it's taken from the comic book. Not just in plot and dialogue, but in style, camera angle, and chosen shots. The filmmakers essentially used the comic book as a storyboard. It's an extraordinarily faithful adaptation. The technical achievement in doing that, alone, is impressive. (Here's a frame-by-frame comparison based on some of the trailers and early footage released, and that'll give you an idea of just how faithful it is. Also chock-full of spoilers, so I don't recommend it if you've neither seen the movie or the comic book. And NOT WORK SAFE.)

That said, it's a faithful adaptation of a sex-and-violence-laden, film-noir-style comic book. If you like movies like "Pulp Fiction", you should enjoy this film. (Lut suggests "Kill Bill" would be a better comparison, and that "Pulp Fiction" is less violent than "Sin City". I haven't seen "Kill Bill", myself.) But this is definitely not a film that everyone would enjoy. I have a reasonably high tolerance for violence, but some of the scenes made me nauseous; one of them even turned Lut's stomach a bit.
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