July 12th, 2005


Anthrocon: Friday morning/afternoon

I think we met mach either Thursday evening or sometime earlyish on Friday, probably both. We ran into him a few times, stopping to chat now and again. He was on staff for Anthrocon and seemed pretty busy much of the time, but it was cool to meet him. He reminded me of his totem animal: long, lean, energetic and often sprinting off somewhere. :)

It surprised me how many people I saw from other parts of the country wearing "Staff" badges. Then again, I know very little about how conventions work, especially large ones. Except that they seem to be an awful lot of work for all involved.

koogrr and I slept in on Friday. By the time we wee ready to get dressed, it was nearly eleven. Naturally, having brought fifteen or twenty outfits for three days, I felt like I had nothing to wear.
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