July 15th, 2005


Anthrocon: Saturday morning & lunch

Despite having gone to bed relatively early on Friday night, koogrr and I had some trouble getting up Saturday morning. Still, we were dressed and out of the room before 10AM. Koogrr wanted to get to the dealer room at opening, to see if he could get his collecting sketchbook to one of the artists he liked before they'd all been booked for the day.

We arrived at the dealer's room 10 minutes before they opened, and there were already several dozen people lined up before the doors. I was wearing my Mousewoman costume, but had forgotten my badge, so I left John waiting in line while I went back for it.

Given the elevators and the 23 floors between the dealer room and ours, the dealer room had just opened by the time I got back. John was nearly inside, and talking to a couple of men I didn't recognize as he approached the entrance.
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