September 2nd, 2005



I did ten push-ups last night.

That doesn't sound like much, but it's ten more push-ups than I could do in April. The author of my latest exercise book (this one's on bellydancing) proudly proclaims that she never does push-ups or any non-bellydancing exercises. She doesn't need to do anything but bellydance to stay in shape, she says, and wouldn't have time to be 'sore from other exercises' if she did.

To be honest, having exercised almost every day for the last four months, I'm hardly ever sore from my exercises any more. And I'm not going to stop doing push-ups, because it's one of the few exercises where I can easily measure my progress. Beginning of May: none. September 1: Ten.

When I started in May, I had to do the wimp* version of push-ups, on my nees instead of my toes. I still do about a minute of the kneeling push-ups, after I do as many of the standard kind as I can manage. I still have to do the standard kind with my hands pretty far apart, but Lut says this is acceptable. And he's a former Marine, so he knows push-ups.

Anyway, I'm happy about that.

* There's actually an even wimpier version of push-ups, done against a wall instead of parallel to the ground.

There's a strange disconnect between writing about my perfectly normal life, and reading about the still-unfolding disaster in Missippi and Louisiana. And here I thought the worst was over when the hurricane finished. There's another parallel with last year's tsunami: for many days after the "natural" part of that disaster was over, the news about the area kept getting worse, too, instead of better.

That must be some kind of benchmark for the really bad catasrophes, that even after you think Nature's through, the worst news is yet to come.

Going to Florida this weekend, to see koogrr and game with jordangreywolf and gwendelkitty and have lunch with ladyperegrine and playfuleye and visit whomever else I can manage to see.

And to not look at the news. Precious little I can do about any of it, I'm afraid. *sigh*

I hope all of you have a good weekend. And I'll see some of you soon, and try to help you on that "having a good weekend" thing. :)