September 17th, 2005


Getting my game on

Lut and I were talking about getting a new computer game to play. We used to play computer games together a lot, but we haven't liked any of the same ones for the last several months, so we haven't been playing together.

The problem is, one or both of us (usually me) is burned out on most types of computer games. Here's what we don't want:

  • First-person shooters (e.g., Doom, Tribes, Counterstrike)

  • Competitive head-to-head games (Starcraft, Warcraft)

  • Competitive team games (see above, only played in teams)

  • Leveling MMOGs (EverQuest, City of Heroes, World of Warcraft)

  • Puzzle-based MMOGs (Puzzle Pirates)

So ... what's left?

I'm vaguely considering "Guild Wars", which is something of a cross between two of the game types I'm burned out on -- "Competetitve team" and "Leveling MMOG". However, it at least has the virtue of no monthly fee. And, well, maybe this one will be different. I did enjoy EverQuest at one point in my life, after all.

The last game we both enjoyed and didn't burn out on was Magic: the Gathering Online. We played that until it went out of beta, at which point it became hideously, insanely expensive and we quit. It's a competitive game, either head-to-head or team, but for whatever reason we didn't have the same problems with it that we often have with competitve games. Or maybe we just didn't play it long enough for those to crop up. I rather wish there was an equivalent-style game to M:tG that wasn't hideously expensive, but unfortunately so far as I know, no such game exists. An online version of Jyhad only with a flat monthly fee instead of charges for packs of cards would be way cool.

Anyway -- any one have any suggestions?