October 9th, 2005


Guess that Friend meme

After the second person to do this meme, I decided to give it a shot.

You have a total of 100 friends
You requested to guess 100 entries.
7 were skipped due to invalid content (surprising?).
You made 93 guesses.
You got 90 correct.
Doing the math for you, that means you got 96% correct

This would have been much harder if it hadn't been multiple choice. A couple of thoughts on it:

  • You people rock for posting your own content and not just quiz results. Even when you do post memes, you're distinctive about it. I think I got all the meme entries right. In those memes that did turn up, the author had a distinctive subject line, or comment about it, or I remembered which of my friends had done a particular meme. 'Course, the "Name needs" memes were even easier than regular entries. :D

  • At least three of my friends have a single "This journal is friends-only" post, which the quiz perforce produced. I actually recognized the style of each of the "I'm friends-only" posts, including aloyen's, which was only one line.

  • The quiz engine chooses from recent entries where possible. In at least four* cases, it picked entries so recent that I hadn't read them yet. (I'm about a day behind on my friends list.) I got nine of these right. My friends have distinctive writing styles, not to mention subjects.

  • So what ones did I get wrong? IIRC, the ones I got wrong were one-line entries that I'm guessing were links. Entries like: "Taken from [unfamiliar LJ username here]." Since the display engine for the quiz strips out links, I couldn't tell what they were links to, which would've made it easier.

Yes, I really do read my friends list. In case you were wondering.

[Edit: actually, eleven cases. One of which was one that I got wrong -- an entry with the title of "snatched from damienps" and no body displayed because it was a .jpg and the engine doesn't display links or non-text content.