January 29th, 2006


A Marked Woman

On Monday, I ordered the Tria marker set I'd been planning to get. I'd decided on the 144 version, figuring too many would be better than not enough, and that I'd be unlikely to want to buy them piecemeal.

On Friday, the box arrived. Yay! I opened it up. Inside were two boxes, heavily taped together, each labeled "72 Marker Set". Hmm, I thought. This is not promising. Maybe they're two different sets of 72 markers each? I examined the exteriors of the boxes. They were identical.

I took the boxes, still taped up, to Lut. "Y'know, when I asked for a 144 marker set, I didn't mean 'send me two of the 72 marker ones because I love redundancy'."

"Maybe you should open them up; perhaps they're just packed into the same boxes but are different markers?"

This thought had crossed my mind, although it seemed unlikely. Still, I had the boxes already so I might as well. I hacked away at the large quantities of clear packing tape sealing them shut, then pried one box open. Inside it were six racks of twelve markers each, neatly sectioned by type: two of greys, one of pastels, one of neutral colors, etc.

I opened the other.

It contained six racks, with twelve markers stuffed haphazardly into each rack, with no apparent order or thought given to it. I pulled out a few from the second box and compared them to ones in the first, and a spot check demonstrated that, yes, these were different markers. Oooookay. Pretty peculiar, but I guess it works.

Yesterday, I sat down to play with them. The first thing I did was put the haphazardly organized box into some semblance of order, grouping them by color.

The next thing I did was gaze in awe upon my collection of markers.

144 markers is a lot of markers. And I mean ... a lot. I have thirty-six markers in shades of grey. Thirty six. The mind boggles.

I didn't have anything particular in mind that I wanted to color, but this morning I did some art anyway. Because I have markers! and they must be used!
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