February 15th, 2006


Sunny Florida

It's been a nice relaxing trip so far. As usual, the game on Saturday was lots of fun. Greywolf's running a tabletop game in the World of Warcraft setting, which is cool. I got to play not one, but two different characters. The PCs had decided the previous session to investigate the house of a toy designer who'd apparently gone mad, and I got to play his not-entirely-stable "daughter" in the first half of the session. The party soon discovered various oddities about the house. My character called herself Alice, but also claimed to have a sister named Alice. She said her sister was "not well" but the sister was kept in a boarded-up room from which snarls and incoherent growls emerged. The druid, Semeg, thought at first the locked-up Alice was some kind of animal and offered to help by communicating with her. My character agreed to let him try, and the whole party trooped upstairs to watch. Semeg tried a couple of spells for understanding both sentient and animal languages, to no avail. He could smell death, from the room, and at length pronounced that "Your sister dead and need to be destroyed."

This didn't go over so well with my character. The party split here. My character went off in a huff, while Semeg and the tinkerer PC, Jadek, decided to look around the rest of the house, while Gyuu, Easy, and Tara remained upstairs looking a bit sheepish about the whole mess and discussing what to do next. Which led into the following bit of dialogue:

Easy: "We'd better go find Semeg and Jadek. I think they're getting up to -- "
Alice [from below them in the house]: "GET OUT OF THE BASEMENT!"
Easy: "... something they shouldn't."
Semeg [from the basement]: "Me no listen to you stupid zombie lady!"
Jadek [also from the basement]: "And see, you have to be sure to cut the green wire here, not the red, or you'll set it off ..."

In the second half of the game, the players for Semeg, Jadek, and Gyuu had to go, so it was just me, playfuleye (Tara) and koogrr (Easy). I got to play a gypsy girl with a particular interest in seeing one of the toymaker's creations, and Easy and Tara agreed to take me back to the mansion.

All in all, it was a lot of fun.

Sunday through Tuesday have been more laid-back. John worked on Monday and Tuesday, while I wrote, drew, and played poker on Puzzle Pirates. (Usually at the same time; Texas Hold 'Em doesn't require a lot of attention.) We've been doing well about working out, mostly lifting weights. Now I want to buy my own set of free weights. I guess I could keep them in the basement o' doom.

John got me Godiva Chocolates, in a padded velvet heart-shaped box. I've always wanted one of those fancy boxes. ♥ All I gave him for Valentine's Day was a card, but it was a hand-drawn card at least. :) We went to a seafood place, Shells, for dinner. The food was tasty and the music very cool -- 80s stuff, but obscure 80s music that you don't hear anymore, like Saga and a cover of "Nobody Walks in LA" that I'd never heard before but that sounded like it was the same group that did "What Are Words For (When Nobody Listens Anymore)*".

Anyway, John's done with the work he was wrapping up this morning, so I'm gonna go. Have fun, everyone!

* I don't actually know if that's the song name or not.