February 25th, 2006


Dance of Spring

The February resolution to do more drawing has been somewhat iffy. Granted, I've averaged at least twenty minutes per day of drawing -- over the course of the Florida trip alone I must've spent fifteen hours on art. The week since my return has been much less inspired. In all respects. I haven't done any new entries in unfinishedtales since last Wednesday. I've done a little sketching but skipped several days. The most creative thing I've done since getting home is baking cookies on Monday.

However, I do have some stuff from the Florida trip, so I scanned in one of those to post. On the other marker-work I've scanned with my new scanner, I wasn't too too happy with the way the colors came out, but I think this one was actually improved by being scanned.

I like the concept for this piece, and am kinda-sorta happy with the way it came out, but I dunno. The shadow-man, in particular, didn't come out right. Maybe I'll try the same idea again someday.

Resolution Update

1. Exercise (30 min per day, 5 days per week)
I'm doing well at this one. I've missed a few days, here and there, but I'm still easily averaging 5 days per week. koogrr and I were quite good about exercising while I was in Florida this time. A few days we didn't make my "20 minutes of aerobics and/or weights" goal, but we did well overall.

2) Read 26 books this year.

So far, just three:
Zorro, Isabel Allende
Witch's Business, Diana Wynne Jones
Elantris, Brandon Sanderson
I'm currently reading Gulliver's Travels, which probably shouldn't count since I've read it before (granted, about twenty years ago, but I remember it surprisingly well), and a book of short stories by Connie Willis.

So, going a bit slower than two per week, but not too bad.

3) Collect six rejection slips for fiction this year

Oh yeah. I forgot about this one. I guess that's why one of the resolutions was to look at the list monthly.

4. Pet the cat.

*Puts down her hand and clucks until the cat comes.*
*Pets cat*


5. Put more money into savings in 2006 than I did in 2005.

By the end of March, this should be settled.

Yes, 2005 was a really bad year for savings, and 2006 has -- so far -- been a really good one. I'll be cutting back on my contributions to long-term savings after March. I want to beef up my short-term savings, too.

6. Keep track of any other productive things I do.


Nineteen Silver Scalesentries since my last update, which makes for thirty-seven so far this year. I should do a word count on it at some point.

I also did two entries for Rabbit Hole day.


I colored a Floosh icon for beetiger and did a Sythyry piece experimenting with my new markers. I finished two marker pictures while I was in Florida, and did bunches of pencil sketches. I also started work digitally coloring the Faerie Hypnotist for circuit_four, but I'm making that picture more detailed than just an icon, so it's taking longer.

I did some coloring on a couple of pictures that I ultimately abandoned, too. I'm not sure how to count that.


I choreographed a dance routine to a song, to perform for John. Which doesn't count as exercise, so I don't get any credit for it under #1 above. So I'll take credit for it here.

As long as I'm on the subject of "things that don't count", instead of skipping my workout Friday like I usually do, I spent it stretching and learning a new dance step. But that's not aerobic so it didn't count as exercise either.

I spent much of today cleaning, inspired by both koogrr and another of my crewmates in Puzzle Pirates heading out to clean. My kitchen and living room actually look almost respectable now. By my standards, anyway. Afterwards, I exercised, since what I'd done Friday night didn't count and this way I haven't skipped a day.

7. Clear out my email inbox at home.
4820 items.
Yeah, not making a lot of progress on that one.

9. Do at least one post per month tracking my progress on each of these.
Done! At least this one's easy to quantify.