June 18th, 2006

just me


I love The Lord of the Rings. The books, not the films. The films were okay but I haven't really wanted to see them again. I've read them at least a dozen timen, the first time being in fifth grade. I can pick them up at any point and read happily for several pages. I can't explain why I love the books so much; I'm aware of many failings in them that I wouldn't tolerate from another author. Sometimes I wonder if it's just sentiment, that I love them for being one of the first adult fantasy novels I read, the way some people love Star Wars for being the first mainstream sf film they saw. Maybe it's not so much that it was great as that it was good enough to make the genre flourish.

Why didn't anyone warn me about X-Men 3? We should've gone to see Cars instead.

Lut and I bought freeweights and a weight bench yesterday. And Weight Training for Dummies. I picked out dumbbells. Barbells would be more versatile, since you can add and remove plates to them. But I have come to an ever-increasing appreciation of exercise equipment you don't have to mess with. Exercise is its own roadblock; avoid making additional ones if at all possible.

We're setting the weights up in one room of the Basement of Doom. On top of a 12mm foam garage mat. That should be enough to keep them above water level, even if it floods again. Haven't had a significant flooding problem since the Plumbing Incident, actually.

I put up a new default icon. This one is from a picture of me taken at ConQuesT. Got a batch of photos a couple of days ago that were taken by one of the other congoers, and I rather liked the expressions in some of them. I may finally add some new icons and fill a few of my umpteen remaining slots.

I should go write another Silver Scales entry, but I expext I'll play Puzzle Pirates instead.