August 9th, 2006



I went to bed at 11PM last night, and woke at 3:30 when Lut came to bed. A few minutes later, I got out of bed and started for my computer.

Lut woke rolled over. "It's my snoring, isn't?"

I stopped, realizing I was carrying my blanket. "No, no, it's not you."

"Yes it is."

"No, it's just that I've been getting up early and it's -- " I checked the clock. "Oh Lord, it's 3:40AM. I need to get back to sleep."

I lay down again. Ten minutes passed. I gave up and went into the den to turn on my computer. I was typing away when Lut woke once more. "Oh, sure it's not my snoring," he said, dubiously.

"It's not!" I called back. "I can't sleep. I need to write!"

I don't need sleep. I don't need food, I don't need anything, I only need to write the story, to write it all out until it's finally done. I can rest when it's over.

So close ....