August 29th, 2006


Art: Easy

I didn't do much art this vacation. Usually I do a lot of drawing when I'm with John, because he likes to draw, but this trip we ended up doing tons of other stuff and not a lot of drawing.

However, when I got home I decided to work on this picture. I did the pencil sketch several months ago in my sketchbook that's supposed to be for full-color drawings. I wasn't happy with the sketch (I did a thumbnail sketch of him first that I like much better, which is always frustrating). Usually I don't spend time coloring sketches unless I love them, but for whatever reason I went ahead and colored this one. On the bright side, I do like it better in color, even if I did a pretty crappy job on the shoreline. The background is based on the shoreline of a beach shaterri took us to while we were in Washington. So it's sort of a trip picture in that respect.

The character is Easy, koogrr's Naga from jordangreywolf's tabletop Warcraft RPG.