October 19th, 2006

Me 2012


I want this jacket. Except for myself and not just my avatar in Puzzle Pirates.

It's not that esoteric a style; a knee-length coat with back vent and lapels. Yet my search skillz must be weak, because I cannot find it.

Coats of this sort are pretty common in pirate costumes -- for men. I'd be tempted to order one for a man, except that (a) I want it fitted through the waist and a man's would be too loose and (b) I am unimpressed by the quality of clothing sold as "costume", since often it's not suitable even for costume wear. I was in a Halloween shop and looked at a bagged jacket selling for $55 that proved to be made of some ultra-thin, flimsy polyester. It looked right in the picture but the actual product was awful.

I've found some nice old-fashioned coats at regular clothing stores, but nothing of the particular style I want. For that matter, I own a perfectly nice old-fashioned black velvet jacket. But it's not the same.

So ... anyone have any suggestions?

Edit: I should've specified that I don't want to make it myself ; I'm willing to pay maybe as much as a hundred dollars for a good-quality coat -- but the hours it would take to make it myself would soon add up to more than that at the value of my own time. I'm assuming that the same would be equally true of anyone who does sewing, but if you happen to know (or be) someone who will custom-make clothing at that kind of insanely low price then do let me know. :)