October 20th, 2006

Me 2012

Found it!

I found the coat twice, in fact. haikujaguar found this store for me, which has the most gorgeous coats. In fact, I hesitate even to link to this store, for now you too will be drooling over exquisitely beautiful but alas, commeasureately expensive, costume coats. Oh, the fwoosh.

And they're perfect, but I hesitate to pay those prices on an impulse buy. Plus, I would have to decide which one I wanted, which is a nigh-impossible task. *covets them all* I've already spent a lot of money this year on clothing, and at some point I need to rein myself in. So I didn't buy anything last night.

This morning, while I was reading webcomics, one of the sites had a link to a Newport News 15% off promotion. I'd already been to the Newport News site looking at jackets -- they have an Edwardian jacket which is nice but not what I'm looking for. I'm pretty sure I got the idea of looking there from gen, who linked to them a year or two ago when she got a new coat.

Anyway, while I looked at all the coats they had and they didn't have the style I wanted, I had seen a nice blouse that I wanted to get anyway. So I went back there. On a whim, I clicked on their "Great Fall Sale" link.

And there, at the bottom, was the coat. It's not in the same league with the Kristi Smart coats (*swoon*) but it's pretty much the right look and is in my original price range.

While I was at the site, I noticed they had a "Fall's Romantic Blouses" link, which brought me to an array of lovely old-fashioned blouses with ruffled fronts and lace cuffs. Woo! My kind of clothing is in fashion again! I must buy some before it goes out of style. This happened a few years ago when peasant blouses briefly became stylish. It's always a pleasant surprise for me when one of my prefered types of clothing starts showing up in mainstream stores. It doesn't happen very often.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for your suggestions and help! I really appreciate it. Even if I am still drooling over the Kristi Smart coats. I may yet save my pennies for one of those ... possibly in a different color than black. If it's possible to have too many black jackets, then I do. Especially now that I've added one more to the collection. :)