December 9th, 2006

Me 2012

Notes to Self

I'm cleaning out my email box (234 left! I'm gonna make it to "zero" by year-end even if it means creating an "unsorted" folder and dumping the rest there). Quite a few of the emails left are from me. I email notes to my home from work (and some times vice-versa) on a regular basis. Most of these are reminders: "Jeans day on Friday" or "Food day on Wednesday" or whatever. I keep these in my inbox to remind me of whatever it is, and have often forgotten to delete them when they're no longer valid. But most of the survivors are harder to categorize: emails from friends that came to my work address and that I forwarded home, notes on story ideas or bits of stories, journal entries that I started and may or may not have since finished, roleplay notes, etc. Sometimes these have informative subject lines, and sometimes they don't. ("EOM? *click* Oh, it's the start of one of my monthly updates on my New Year's resolutions. That I've since finished and posted. *delete*")

One of these emails has the following subject line: "Things to do (pick any or none)".

And I am strangely amused by this confluence of (a) Writing down things I want to get done and (b) Not bidding myself to do anything. It's not so much a to-do list as a "Hey, if you're bored, here's some things you could do. No pressure."

I should do that more often.