June 16th, 2008


I'd Like to Go Back to Bed Now

Last night, my Sidekick popped up a reminder: Bank Secrecy Act training this morning at 7:15AM.

Ugh. This is one of several mandatory training sessions on one subject or another that every bank employee goes through every year. Loan Ops had theirs scheduled for 8:15 three weeks ago, but I spaced it and showed up at my usual 9:00. As penace, I needed to get up even earlier to go to the one for retail.

So this morning, I get up early. At 6:30. My sleep-addled mind had decided that 6:30 was plenty early enough to get out the door by 7:15. Which it was. Except that I had to be at the bank at 7:15. Which meant leaving the house at 6:55, because I live close to work but not that close. That left me 25 minutes to dress, pack lunch, pack jogging clothes, and eat breakfast.


I was ready to go thirty-one minutes later. Lut took pity on me and drove me, since he was already up and partly dressed in order to take out the garbage that I didn't have time to deal with. So I got to the bank at 7:08, gave Lut a kiss, and went to the door as he drove off.

I looked through the glass. The lobby was empty. What the ...? I looked around the parking lot. There was one car: my boss's, who would not be here for BSA training because she was at the session for loan ops.

I knew the training was supposed to happen today, because another co-worker had been by on Friday and mentioned that she'd be in on Monday for it, since she'd missed the one for loan ops too. I tried to guess at my boss's desk number (her office is right next to mine, I never call her) for a minute, until she coincidentally came to the door.

She didn't know anything about a training session either. "I'm here for the auditors."

I waited by the door for ten minutes to see if anyone else without a key showed up. A woman who looked vaguely familiar came to the door, carrying a couple of books and an interoffice envelope. I opened the door. "Are you a bank robber?"

"Why yes, I am."

"Come right in, we're happy to see you. Vault's not open yet, you'll have to wait, though."

She was the compliance officer, and also here for the auditors.

A few minutes later, I gave up and went to my desk to start working.

When the branch manager straggled in, I went over to check on the meeting news. "Our BSA training? Ours was last Thursday."


So there's supposed to be a special make-up session of it. Sometime. Hopefully at my branch, since I can't actually get to any of the other branches sans car. I don't know who corrected my co-worker's misimpression, since she never showed at all.

In the meantime, I'd like another hour of sleep now k thx. x.x