January 9th, 2010


Art Cards!

I haven't been posting about this, but I have, in fact, been doing art cards for the 30in30 challenge at a rate of one per day (amazingly enough). I've been taking pictures of each as I finish it to email to ladyperegrine (and now that I think about it, I should've been emailing them to level_head as well, since he was interested in doing the challenge too. Oops. Sorry, sir. I'll email you the next one I finish!)

Today I actually went to the trouble of scanning them all in and uploading them to Flickr. And putting descriptions on them. I do not regret not doing this earlier, because it really is pretty annoying. But here they are! Peregrine has been really good about mentioning her reference for her cards, and I am rather bad about that -- I have a tendancy to look for a reference in Google, and then change a bunch of details in it while using the same general pose. I am trying to cite references here, in those cases where I used one.

This one is my favorite so far, done on day 2 without a reference:

02-Cat-eyed Woman

Possibly my second-favorite, now that I think about it, but my other favorite is a nude mermaid, so I'll put her in a separate NSFW post.

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